Killing Demons

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A Platinum Studios Comics’ graphic novel

WRITTEN BY: Peter Siegel
EDITED BY: Kelly Sue DeConnick
CREATED BY: Peter Siegel
PUBLISHED BY: Engine Press

Our world is a hunting ground for demons: malevolent, other-dimensional beings who have surreptitiously entered our world. The demons can assume human form, and are almost undetectable by normal people. Almost… Joshua Brand can see the malevolent beings who walk among us in disguise, preying on mankind—and he’s made it his mission to stop them by any means necessary. Joshua may be humanity’s only hope, but the price he has to pay may be more than he can bear.
A very few human beings are born with a special sixth sense that allow them to sense the demons and see through their shape-shifting forms. ‘The Butcher’ (as the demons have dubbed him) was the first of these humans. To the demons, each new hunter since the original is referred to as the ‘Butcher Son’. Joshua Brand is the latest ‘Butcher Son’, and has made it his mission to eradicate as many of them as he can.
He’s devoted his life to killing demons.

What they’re saying:

“An intriguing, dark story that shows us a horrible world within our own and the one person that is comfortable in it…This was an excellent pairing of writer and artist and the two can’t work together again soon enough.”
Chris Hunter, Broken Frontier
KD is a fun, bloody romp through a horrific urban landscape and well worth its cost. The characterizations are well done, yet hint at deeper depths to be plumbed in later editions.”
Bram Stoker Award nominee Joe Nassise,
“A wicked little tale about a boy with the ability to see demons who grows up to be an occult investigator and demon killer of no small power and repute.”
Marc Mason, Should It Be a Movie?
“It’s the best looking small press thing I have seen in some time.”
Rob McCarthy, Hell on Wheels


Watch out for a new, expanded edition of the Killing Demons graphic novel coming in 2020 from Platinum Studios Comics!





About Platinum Studios and Scott Rosenberg

Platinum Studios Comics is part of Platinum Studios, Inc ( The publishing arm does more than just publish, as it develops current, upcoming and past comics published by itself, allied publishers such as Awesome Comics and Triumphant Comics and comics published by others, such as The Dark Fringe and Killing Demons. Platinum Studios Inc and Platinum Studios Comics specialize in comic book based entertainment with one of the largest libraries of comic book characters. The group develops for filmed entertainment and all kinds of media.

Platinum Studios Comics is run by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, the Fourteen time New York Times Best Seller creator. Also a film producer, movies include the number one box office winner, Cowboys & Aliens, with Daniel Craig of James Bond fame, and Harrison Ford from Star Wars.

Platinum Studios’ library includes characters that have appeared worldwide in both millions of comics and broadcast television, film, games, the internet and more.