The Macroverse is Platinum Studios’ expanding universe of thousands of characters and storylines. Designed as a huge sandbox in which writers can play, the Macroverse stretches from before the Big Bang to the distant future, with multiple dimensions and alternate realities. It provides a framework of rules and mythology that serves as background for stories ranging from thrillers and romantic comedy in present-day settings to science fiction, fantasy, and heroic adventure. Macroverse stories are a key part of the Platinum Studios Comics line and are being developed for film, television, and other media.

COWBOYS & ALIENS: The sci-fi/western adventure that started it all!

HOT SHOT & MIGHTY GIRL: mismatched friends discover the power flight and must stop the technology from being sold into enemy hands!

HOW TO UN-DEMON YOUR GIRLFRIEND: a boy, a girl, and her demon form the deadliest love triangle ever!

INCURSION: American soldiers in Afghanistan must face off against demons and ghosts in the otherworldly Twilight!

The Weapon_onesheet_NEW

THE WAY OF THE WEAPON: Tommy Zhou discovers “The Way of the Weapon” and must battle ninjas and assassins to protect his invention!


WATCHDOGS: Sam Garrison and his neighbor, Mark Buchanan, take the law into their own hands to clean up their neighborhood as the masked vigilantes called the Watchdogs!


THE ADVENTURES OF TYMM: An orphan raised in an alien circus, Tymm discovers that he is the rightful heir to an intergalactic kingdom and that his fellow performers are the Resistance!


LOVE BYTES: Sam Driscoll meets the girl of his dreams, and she’s one jealous computer!

Atlantis Rising GN Poster_Lg

ATLANTIS RISING: Ten thousand years ago, Atlantis sank, but never died. The domed Atlantean cities progressed, developing an advanced civilization completely unaware of the surface. And the surface, unaware of what lied beneath. Until the Atlanteans were affected by the radiation from an unexploded sunken bomb. Until the Atlanteans were affected by us – the surface – and our expanding population. Now, the two civilizations are on a collision course. And at the brink of a global war.

Ghost_Wars, the_Cover_Lg

GHOST WARS: The Greens, a race of extraterrestrial colonizers, advances through the cosmos, taking, conquering and enslaving planets. As they assault the home planet of the Ghosts, Xianne, a hardened warrior, decides to obtain the resources to fight back. The universal order is altered, but to whose benefit, the Greens, or the Ghosts?

The Weapon_onesheet_NEW

THE SLEEPLESS: Hysteria has broken out across the country, as gangs of people who haven’t slept in weeks roam the streets suffering from violent paranoia. With society on the verge of collapse, it is up to a former orderly and a brilliant scientist to find a little girl who may hold the cure for mass insomnia before we all tear each other apart.

Ghosting, the cover_LG

THE GHOSTING: It’s all in fun and games until freshman actually start turning up dead!